Monthly Archives: November 2011

Day 234

Studying and a little playing.  Played with OU Pep Band.  Go Grizzlies!

Days 222-233

Le Sigh…

222:  Lessons, teaching, and the Dirty Dog with the parents.

223:  Sketches of Spain…Great job!

224:  OSO rehearsal

225:  OSO rehearsal

226:  OSO concert

227:  Teaching and bass quartet rehearsal’

228:  Combo concert…great job!

229:  Teaching!

230:  Making a bird with Drake and Oliver.

231:  Gig at Sindbad’s

232:  Gig at Filippa’s with Steve Wood and Scott Gwinnell

233:  Setting up Christmas decorations



I’ve done a ton of performing during this time.  I’ve been almost too busy to post, but that’s just an excuse because I should have been writing.  Here goes an attempt:

209: WSO rehearsal

210:  RSO Concert

211:  WSO rehearsal

212: WSO cocnert

213:  Bolling rehearsal

214:  OSO rehearsal

215:  Prokofiev rehearsal

216:  Prokofiev performance (!)

217:  Teaching Matt and Mark.

218:  Scott Gwinnell Quartet at the Music Hall Jazz Cafe (!)

219:  Singing in church

220:  Subbing for Sofie in Sean’s jazz combo rehearsal

221:  Teaching all day!  And hanging with my parents.

205, 206, 207, 208

205:  Not much performing today, unless you count the best lawn mowing performance ever.  45 minutes!  I think I’m getting the hang of it, just in time for Winter.  Practicing my snow-blower technique.

206:  Halloween and a Rochester Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal.  I felt really good about playing this music, despite a few missed entrances here and there.  Good bass section!

207:  Teaching all day.  Also, attended a Carnatic Music concert.  Really nice stuff.  Very complex.

208:  Gig at the Dirty Dog with Dwight Adams.  Haven’t played there in a while.  It’s  a great room, and I’m sure it will be a killer band.