Went to Lansing, MI to hang with Ed Fedewa.  We talked bass shop for a while and he adjusted my bass’s sound post.  It sounds way better!  Ed’s a great musician and craftsman.  Definitely found my bass guy in Michigan.  I guess the performance today consisted of playing for Ed.


200:  Teaching.  The Jazz Band is starting to pull “Sketches of Spain” together.  Still some rhythmic issues and some other stuff to work out, but I can hear that the work is finding its identity.

201:  Teaching a lesson.  For some reason, I feel like I’m controlling my technique better.  I’ve been playing everyday.  Maybe that’s it?  Of course it is.  Get in the shed, Miles.

202:  Shedding?  Teaching.  Driving Jenine to airport for SMT.  Late night shedding.