Lots of performances in the past twenty days.  One a day?  I don’t think so, although it’s been close.  Big performance coming up on Tuesday.  Basically why I haven’t been writing.

Bogus, I know, but sometimes life takes you in these directions.  This project is still in my mind though.

Moving, school starting, studying, and ambivalence.  All these things are stopped me from the 365 blog.  Still not even halfway through the year, I’m failing.  There have been performances, and some good ones.  Especially four this weekend at the Detroit Jazz Festival.  I am keeping track of the days, just finding it hard to keep the diary going.

Also, it’s been hard to justify taking the time to write when I have the test looming at the end of the month.  Jenine is helping me with score ID.  Thanks, sweetie!  There’s just a lot of stuff on the plate.

I know I’ll get back into the blog if things work out ok with the exam.  That’s a huge question right now though.  Ok, gotta go study.