Monthly Archives: July 2011

Day 111

House day!  My performance today will be an act of restraint.  I will try to restrain myself from not screaming at the mortgage company for messing up our house buying process.  Might be my greatest performance to date.

109, 110

Studying and presenting.  Studying, studying, studying.  More studying.  Learnin’ about my homey Baldazarre Galuppi.  Best. Name. Ever.

Day 108

Went to see the Dino Losito Organ Trio with Dino, Dad, and Jimmy Johns.  They sounded great, and I sat in with Steve Odum.  Maxie’s in Ithaca has some of the greatest southern food in upstate NY, no doubt.  Yum!




Day 107:  Wedding gig with Dad, Paul Merrill, and Tom Killian at Bully Hill Winery on Keuka Lake, NY.  Felt like coming home.  It’s not summer unless I’ve played a Finger Lakes wedding gig.  Beautiful!  Thanks, guys.


Too busy studying to post.  Also writing paper for Haydn class.  Performances counted on class days as presentations to class about: 1) The Rhetoric of Improvisation in Haydn’s Piano Trios, and 2) Classical Era ornamentation.  Yawn…

92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99

92:  Studied all day.  What a great day!

93:  Studying

94:  Studying

95:  Studying.  And kickball.

96:  Made a recording with Chris Ziemba and Rich Thompson.  Those guys are really great!  I think the music came out good, but I haven’t heard any of it yet.  Will post when I get some tracks.

97:  Watched the performance of…Harry Potter!

98:  Watched Jenine perform in a 5k race.  I’m really proud of her for running the whole time without stopping!  Also studied Quintillian and Greek speech-writing rhetoric.

99:  Studying and watching USA soccer.  Ok, so some of the things in this post are not actually performances.  I’m almost a third of the way through the year and failing miserably.  Got to pick it up.  At the very least, I’m keeping a psuedo-diary, which is something I’ve never done before.  Gotta keep pushing through!!

Day 92

Day 92:  Performance today consists of studying, studying, studying.   I really do feel like this is performing, or at the very least, will contribute to the most important performance of all: the DMA exams!

Realistically, I know many people have gone through this process before, and I’m confident I’ll do alright.  The biggest issue I have is the mystery of it all.  It’s really nerve-wracking!  However, I am enjoying learning about the development of my chosen career.  Right now, I’m learning about Heinrich Schütz and digging some of his music.  Sort of brining me back to undergrad music history, but this time I’m actually paying attention.