77:  Last day of camp.  Had a performance for the parents.  Everything went smoothly, and we’ve been told that the camp was a success.

78:  Studying a little in the evening.

79:  Trip to Rochester.  Gave a performance last night with the faculty of the Eastman Jazz Camp, for which I’m teaching these next two weeks.  Really great to play with all the Rochester cats again.

80:  Ran auditions for the jazz camp.  Maintaining composure while listening to auditions definitely requires some aspect of a performance mentality.  Although I heard a lot of good playing, I think it’s important to be nice and professional when somebody makes a mistake.   Overall, though, all the students have a lot of potential.

Played in the camp orchestra rehearsal today.  I forgot how bugged I get when things are out of tune.

Also, I’m playing tonight at Vinology with Chris Buzzelli and Mark Kieme.  Looking forward to this gig, as it is low stress and high fun.  Thanks, Vinny!

71:  More studying.

72:  Picked up Jenine from the airport, then got ready for string camp.

73:  First day of strings camp!  Played a little bass for the kids and conducted an orchestra rehearsal.  I forgot how much I liked conducting orchestra!  Might try to find a way to do this more often in the future.

74:  Second day of camp.  A really great improvisation clinic!  The kids are doing a great job.

75:  Third day of strings camp.  Faculty performance for the group.  Played “Jordu” and Vivaldi Concerto Grosso no. 2 (?).  Jenine played too and did a great job!