Monthly Archives: May 2011

58, 59, 60

Day 58:  A little practicing for West Side Story.  Looking forward to this show next week.

Day 59:  Wedding gig with Scott Gwinnell at the Shenandoah Country Club.  The family must have spent $100k on this wedding.  Unbelievable.  Maybe 400 people there.  Scott, Brad McNett, and I played one hour of Sinatra-ish music.   Believe it or not, some people actually clapped!

Day 60:  First day of the Regina Carter clinic.  I taught a few hours of combos class, and then played the metal guiro for the steel drum group.  Mark Stone, our great world music professor, refers to this role as the “engine room.”  Vroom vroom.

Days 57

Class.  Still working on the same rep, but played “Mambo Inn” with the guitar group.  Mission: get four guitarists to feel clave.  Possible?  Remains to be seen.

Day 56

Lesson with David today.  Working on blues bass lines and electric bass fundamentals.

Day 55

Class with students.  Played “Stompin’ at the Savoy” and other tunes.  Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm!

Day 54

Played a gig with Scott Gwinnell’s small group.  The place was Dylan’s Raw Bar in Grosse Pointe.  Looking forward to taking Jenine there for her favorite, oysters and sushi.

51, 52, 53

51:  Yikes, getting behind again.  This day, Thursday, I got to watch a performance by my wife, Jenine.  She did a great job!  In addition, I watched a performance by about 150 middle school singers.  It was a fun experience, and every did a good job, including our friend, the choir director, Vickie Kopistiansky.  I suppose I didn’t perform anything this day, but I feel like I fulfilled the requirement by trying to be a gig buddy for Jenine.

52:  Cooking dinner, driving for houses, some wine, and cards.  Fail on the performance front.

53:  Went to a performance of “Ernie” based on the life of Tiger’s radio announcer Ernie Harwell.  All of the Lawson brothers were there, and I know they enjoyed it from a nostalgic perspective.  I could appreciate what they felt, although it was hard for me to relate directly given that the only time I watched the Tigers prior to moving to Detroit was when they were playing the Yankees.  It was a nice play, though.  To be honest, I didn’t perform anything today either.  In baseball terms, I think you call this a slump.

Day 50

50 Days into my experiment, and I’m doing alright.  Not every day has been a fantastic “performance,”  but just having the work in the back of my mind has forced my to be a little more creative than usual.  This in itself is worth making this thing happen.

This is the closest thing yet to keeping a diary, and for someone like me who is not a writer, it’s hard.  Feels like homework sometimes.  However, the act of writing every day (more or less) actually does help improve that craft.  By no means do I claim that I’m a good or interesting writer.  Far from it, actually, but I have noticed some improvements.  I’m particularly trying to get better at describing music in words.  Can you do it?  Does the quote “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture” mean that words fall short of describing the emotional impact that music has on your soul?  Let me ask you this…when was the last time you got the shivers from a poem? A Symphony? An Ellie Goulding song? A Book?

So today, as I’m playing with my students again, I’ll try to describe what they’re playing as accurately as possible.  The result will be my post for tomorrow.