Day 58:  A little practicing for West Side Story.  Looking forward to this show next week.

Day 59:  Wedding gig with Scott Gwinnell at the Shenandoah Country Club.  The family must have spent $100k on this wedding.  Unbelievable.  Maybe 400 people there.  Scott, Brad McNett, and I played one hour of Sinatra-ish music.   Believe it or not, some people actually clapped!

Day 60:  First day of the Regina Carter clinic.  I taught a few hours of combos class, and then played the metal guiro for the steel drum group.  Mark Stone, our great world music professor, refers to this role as the “engine room.”  Vroom vroom.

Class.  Still working on the same rep, but played “Mambo Inn” with the guitar group.  Mission: get four guitarists to feel clave.  Possible?  Remains to be seen.