It’d now been a full month of my project.  Only 11 to go!  I’ve managed to do something performance related every day, whether it’s a rehearsal, true performance, teaching, or whatever.  So far, taking the mentality of “performing” into every situation has helped me develop as a player.

I haven’t composed in a while.  I wonder if this is considered performing, except very slowly.  I suppose every composition is conceived to be performed, and is run through in the composer’s head.  This seems to me to be the biggest difference between a performance and a creation of music.  I’m really glad, as an improviser, to be able to do both simultaneously sometimes.

Tonight I’m performing with the RSO.  Should be fun!

Had a rehearsal with the Rochester Symphony Orchestra.  A very nice group conducted by Clark Suttle.  Clark works at Luck’s Music and is a fine conductor and bassist.  He has travelled the world playing solos with orchestra’s and is one of the bassists in the Michigan Opera Theater.  It’s truly a pleasure working with him and the Orchestra.

Nice performance of “The Composer is Dead” and E.T. theme.  Got to Warren Woods Community theater to face an auditorium full of screaming children.  Yikes.  Nice to play two orchestra gigs in one day, though.  Definitely tired by the end.  Maybe I should put orchestra strings back on my bass?  Let me think…nnaaahhhhhh.